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Power of the Single Leg Glute Bridges – Brown Plains Physio
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February 3, 2021
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February 11, 2021

Power of the Single Leg Glute Bridges

Power of the Single Leg Glute Bridge

The single leg glute bridge is an exercise that 'does it all'. It's such a simple drill which can assist in the strengthening of your hamstring, gluteals & core and can comfortably be completed at home safely.

Studies have shown that during a single leg glute bridge the muscles activated are: all three gluteal (maximus, medius and minimus), tensor fasciae latae, hamstring group (bicep femoris, semimembranosis & semitendinosis) and core stabilisers (erector spinae and multifidus).

As the single leg glute bridge can assist in building the strength and power of the the hip and pelvis, it can be very beneficial for improving athletic performance in the majority of sports. It can also be used as a powerful exercise in rehabilitating low back, buttock and hip pain.

For most individuals this exercises is safe to complete, particularly if you have no history of low back, buttock or hip pain. However, if you do have an injury in this area, please come and seek expert advice from one of our Physiotherapist or other health professional before attempting this exercise.

Here is a video demonstration of a Single Leg Bridge. There are many progressions to this exercise and I will create future posts showing these.

Video credit: Browns Plains Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation & Wellness Through Movement

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